The new, biological way of soil decontamination

Without chemicals and steaming

Do you have lower yields due to harmful diseases, pests and weeds? We can help you by biologically combating nematodes, moulds, pests and weeds; Bottom Reset with Herbie granulates or liquid. Soil Resetting has now been applied more than 100 times by various growers/farmers, with usually excellent results, without the harmful side effects of chemical agents. Soil Resetting is more than just disease control: at the same time it improves soil structure and soil life, which means that crop yields increase considerably. Soil resetting is suitable for agriculture and horticulture in indoor and outdoor cultivation. There are already many successful applications in the Netherlands and abroad, and new ones are still being added.

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Aaltjes Schimmels Insecten

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Success stories

By using Soil Resetting in organic cultivation, the disease Verticillium dahliae has been completely eradicated. The result: 25% more crop production, so that the yield per m2 increases.

Company: Ruud van Schie

The crop of chrysanthemums was so infected with Verticillium dahliae that even the current steaming method no longer helped. After Soil Resetting, there was no more sign of product loss, and even more yield is expected for the following crop.

Company: Drint in Grootegast

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